Leveson inquiry peers at a yellow Piers Morgan, proves VC needs better lighting

In the UK the Leveson inquiry is examining the mobile phone hacking and other privacy intrusions carried out by the UK press. The activities of Rupert Murdoch’s News Group publication the News of the World and possibly some other UK papers sparked the enquiry that has touched royalty, politicians, celebrities, the police and ordinary people alike.

Piers Morgan, now an international celebrity himself as CNN’s replacement to Larry King, was previously editor of The News of the World and The Mirror, both renowned UK tabloids, the so-called “yellow press”. It therefore seemed somewhat poetical that he gave video conferenced evidence to the inquiry in London on 19 December from a room in Los Angeles which was lit by some yellow lighting … as befitted his position, some might say. The court room in the UK was perfectly lit with a clear and camera-friendly light for the live broadcast.

Aanother witness, journalist James Hipwell claimed that it was impossible to imagine that Piers Morgan was unaware that phone hacking was an everyday activity at the newspaper he was in charge of.

Maybe Piers Morgan was indeed kept in the dark … or at least pooly lit, like his video appearance.  But there’s clearly a sales opportunity for someone to make him appear in a better light if he is invited to give further testimony.